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  • Same Day Appointments

    If  you would like to come in on a certain day and there is no availability, 
    please text me(949)291-9657 the day before and I will call you if there is a cancellation.
  • Medical Massage

    Medical Massage is for specific medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Spinal stenosis, Carpel tunnel, TMJ.  Also it is for people who need special attention.   Also recent surgeries or  limitations.
  • Massage Therapy

    Treatments are for Whole body or specific areas.
    • Relaxation Massage 30 mins $40
      Relaxation massage using Swedish techniques throughout the body.  It includes long strokes, light pressure and the overall feeling of being comforted.  This is for someone who wants to melt away daily stress and tension.
    • Relaxation Massage 60mins $65
    • Relaxation Massage 90mins $115
      Long strokes to relax tension in the body.  It includes light strokes and pressure to slow down and have the over all feeling of being comforted.
    • Therapeutic Massage 30mins $45
      Therapeutic massage incorporates different massage techniques.  They include neuro-muscular, deep tissue, and trigger-point.
    • Therapeutic Massage 60mins $80
      Therapeutic massage incorporates different massage techniques.  They include Neuro-muscular, deep tissue, and trigger-point work.
    • Therapeutic Massage 90mins $120
      Therapeutic massage incorporates different massage techniques.  They include Neural muscular, deep tissue, and trigger-point.
    • Deep Tissue Massage 30mins $50
    • Deep Tissue Massage 60 mins $80
      Deep Tissue strokes to release tension built up in muscles.
    • Deep Tissue Massage 90 mins $120
      Deep Tissue strokes to release tension in the muscles.  
    • Hot Stone Massage 60 mins $120
      Hot Stones to soothe and relax the body of restrictions
    • Hot Stone Massage 90 mins $160
      Using heated Basalt stones hand picked for their ability to hold heat to melt tension in the body.
    • Gift Certificate Redemption Massage

      Gift Certificates are purchased for Friends and Family.  Please book accordingly.  Fill out New Client Form and bring to first session. 
    • Body Wrap

      Body wraps helps to detoxify the body through body heat. You will be completely wrapped like a coccoon, then either a scalp massage or a foot massage will unwind your body as you melt and relax...true bliss.
      • Mud Wrap 90mins $110
        Using Mud from the earth.   Long known for its healing properties and very high concentration of minerals, mud has offered users relief from aching joints, stiffness, skin problems and other toxic ailments.
      • Herbal Wrap 90mins $110
        Using herbs to soothe and wrap the body it helps to detoxify and refresh the body
  • PURE Treatments

    PURE Treatments are for those people who are tired and need some extra care.  The use of Sound, Hot Rocks, Reflexology and  slow movements to reset the body back to being balanced creates a feeling of Renewal and Rejuvenation.  
    • Reflexology 30 mins $40
      The Reflection of Sounds and Points on the feet bring a feeling of overall Relaxation to the body. 
    • Reflexology 60mins $80
    • Body Treatments

      Body Treatments help with allowing the skin to renew and rejuvenate.  It is recommended twice a year before Summer and late Fall.  This helps with skin tone and overall appearance.
      • Salt Scrub 30 mins $75
        By using salt to scrub off dead skin.  It tones and renews the body.  Leaving it soft to the touch.
      • Sugar Scrub 30 mins $75
        Sugar is not as harsh as salt.  It is for sensitive skin.  Has the same benefits as salt to renew and refresh skin.



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